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Just add water.

At Modern Sprout, all of our products are hydroponics. But, what is a hydroponic anyway? It’s the process of growing plants without soil. We are in the constant pursuit of finding the best soilless nutrients for each and every one of our products, and you.

New Organic Standard

Full control of the growing environment, from air and water quality to nutrient supply. Plus, fresh picked fruits, vegetables and leafy greens retain the most nutritional value and flavor.

30% faster growth.

By having the roots in direct contact with water, nutrients and oxygen, each one of your plants will thrive in your home or office.

80% less water.

Once you pour water into the reservoir, that water continues to be recycled back through the plants roots.

Grow year-round.

No longer are plants just for summertime. Place in a sunny windowsill or under a grow light and enjoy year round growth.

No dirt here.

Not sure how much to water? Enjoy a soilless system with less mess, less bugs and less-worry.

More plant. Less space.

Whether you’re in the city or have room to sprawl out, you won’t need big pots. Our roots don’t search for food, so they stand strong and compact in their vases.

Less worry. Less work.

It’s what we all need. Our hydroponics are self-watering, self-feeding and weed free.